I have been saying for years that liberals embrace mediocrity. And a 23 year old pouting Nigerian with smoldering underpants has proven me right once and for all. “That will do” seems to be the liberal mantra. But did it really have to take a lunatic Islamist bent on removing his genitals pyrotechnically to convince people that the obama Administration and Democrats in general do not take security seriously?

Janet Napolitano, the Barney Fife of Homeland Security told us that the system worked. What system would that be? Airborne castration for Africans? If that’s the case I say well done! You Homeland Security persons succeeded beyond your wildest dreams. 24 hours later she clarified her statement saying she meant the system in place worked after the angry Nigerian had succeeded in blowing his balls off. What system is this? Hoping a random Dutchman tackles the African Falsetto? The way we see it here is how the system works after the plane is downed is irrelevant.


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